Heavy Springs Rebuild Kit

  • Heavy Springs Rebuild Kit

These are the new heavier springs to replace the original springs on the first run of the drag link servo saver.

***If you ordered before May 2021 your saver has the the first run of lighter springs.***

These springs are twice as strong as the original!
Included in this set:
2 heavy springs
2 spacers
1 washer
1 dowel pin

To replace your existing springs you will need to drive the 2mm pin out of the middle stud with a punch or something with a smaller diameter. Reassemble the same way and don't forget the spacers on either side of the pin. Before tapping the new pin in I like to put a drop of CA glue on it (any tire glue will do the trick)

If you are uncomfortable installing these you can ship your saver to me and I will install the new springs for you and ship it back at no additional charge. To do this contact me using the contact form on the website.