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Servo Model T

  • Servo Model T
  • Servo Model T
  • Servo Model T
  • Servo Model T

Plug and Play. Plug right into your receiver and go!

The model T is designed for durability and precision. The gears are oversized and each ride on their own dowel (no stacked gears on one dowel) completely eliminating deflection leading to sheared dowel pins and stripped gears. Click on "Model T Info" at the top of the page for more information.

-- Over-sized steel gears for far greater durability
-- 25T output spline
-- New gear train design- more stable and more durable
-- High-precision steel gears
-- 5 gear reductions for greater precision and strength with lower power consumption
-- Full CNC aluminum hulls and structure
-- High quality brushless motor
-- Dual ball bearings
-- Highly water resistant

***Listed specs are the consistent outputs under heavy use and NOT the inflated highest numbers commonly used.***

Operating Voltage: DC 5-8.4V

Operating speed:
0.21sec/60° @ 5V
0.17sec/60° @ 6V
0.13sec/60° @ 7.4V
0.12sec/60° @ 8.4V

Stall Torque:
410 oz-in @ 5V, 3.4A
480 oz-in @ 6V, 4.0A
580 oz-in @ 7.4V, 5.1A
600 oz-in @ 8.4V, 5.5A

Dimensions: 40*20*33mm

Weight: 2.65oz

Connector Wire Length: 12"

1 year warranty for manufacturer defects and broken gears.